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Ceremonial Matcha

Ceremonial Matcha

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Ceremonial Matcha 🌟 aka My pride and joy! Literally the best Matcha out there! 🤗

has a slightly sweet, soft, creamy taste. 

- Are you looking for a healthy coffee substitute?

- Can you use more energy

- Do you want to boost your immune system?

- Could you use more focus?

Matcha green tea gives more physical and mental energy, helps to strengthen your natural resistance and promotes your ability to concentrate.

Try out our delicious matcha! 🍵


matcha*, cocoa* - 40 gram ℮
*Organic. Coming from Japan. 


Daily 1-2 bamboo spoons with hot water of 70°C and whisking - draw lines in an M shape into a foam layer. Don't hit the bottom with your whisk and use a loose wrist. Note: Do not whisk for longer than 20 sec.

Ideally, you should use bottled water with a PH around 7 and a dry residue around 50.

Also drinkable as a latte. My favorite milk is rice milk


Store in a dark, cool and closed place. (in the fridge!)


Do not drink after 4 pm
Not for bep. medication, consult your doctor first
Not for pregnant/breastfeeding women
Do not drink with bep. heart disease
Do not drink if you are sensitive to caffeine

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