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Munch superfood BV

Detox: 30 days

Detox: 30 days

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Nettle, sage, linden blossom, tulsi, chicory herb, goldenrod, chamomile, marigold.
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50 gram ℮ 

Marigold supports internal cleaning. 
Nettle, linden blossoms and goldenrod support the functioning of the kidneys.
Tulsi has a soothing effect on the respiratory tract.
Chicorei is good for the functioning of the intestines.

Preparation method

Boil water at 80°C. Fill your tea filter with the tea and let it steep for 5 to 6 minutes. Remove the bag and enjoy your morning tea.

Combine the tea with healthy food and 1.5 L of water.


Keep cool and dry. Best before date and lot number see packaging.

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