Every day we absorb unwanted - from our food, from the environment, from health and care products. These toxins build up in our body and also weaken the immune system, which in turn leads to other discomforts. To maintain optimal health, we must not only reduce our exposure to toxins (e.g., eating organic, whole foods and use skincare products with natural ingredients), but we must support the natural processes that help our bodies expelling these toxins by feeding it with proper nutrition.

This makes a juice cure particularly interesting. A juice cure is a kind of fast diet - a detox diet, if you like - consuming only juices from raw fruits, raw vegetables, and water. It is one of the fastest and most effective cleaning methods. The concept is quite simple. Over a period of three to five days, replace all your meals and snacks with juices made from fruit and vegetables (preferably organic). The premise behind this particular form of detoxification is: when our body is freed from not only the consumption of toxins, but also the burden of digesting solid foods, it is able to keep cells healthy more efficiently and release the toxins that are already present in our systems .



These ingredients are known for their juice-friendly texture, their body conditioning properties and their ability to flush toxins from the system. be natural biological products best, but if it's not available, wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly to remove some of the pesticide residue.

A healthy body functioning at its peak is the key to a healthy, happy life. See this as your chance to protect your body not only to reset, but also to feed. After completing the juice cleanse, you will feel lighter, cleaner, rejuvenated and radiant from within.

You may think that you already eat a fairly healthy diet, that you weigh a healthy weight and that you would not benefit from a cleanse. Think again! Did you know it's almost eighteen hours takes before your body just a meal can digest and eliminate? Now add up three meals a day, plus snacks, and you can see your digestion is almost non-stop works. All bodies - regardless of fitness - can derive some benefit from juice, which is to help with the constant work the digestive system does throughout the day.

Typical fruits and vegetables used to make cleansing juices are celery, carrot, berries, apple, spinach, leafy greens, kale and beetroot.



Juicing can be a difficult program to follow, especially if you're used to filling yourself with processed foods that often have tons of sugar and carbohydrates. However, it's all worth it.

Some of the main benefits of a juice cure are:

It gives the stomach and digestive system a break.

Juices lower the pressure on digestion in the stomach (churning, acid and pepsin) compared to food. They also allow nutrients to be quickly absorbed by the gut, giving the digestive system a much-needed break while also absorbing vital vitamins and minerals.

It gives the liver a break.

The liver is the body's main detoxifying organ. Every bit of food that is absorbed through the intestinal wall is first detoxified by the liver before it reaches other parts of the body. The problem is that sometimes we take in too much of the toxins in our liver for the liver to process them effectively. This excess of toxins ends up being stored in our cells (usually our fat cells), which in turn wreaks havoc on the rest of our bodies. A juice regimen, especially one with organic fruits and vegetables, gives the liver a short rest period to repair itself and catch up on its processes.

It reduces appetite.

While it may feel like it, juice doesn't actually shrink the stomach. Instead, it breaks the nasty habit of emotional eating and makes you feel satisfied with less food. This is an important psychological and behavioral factor for weight loss and healthy living.

It eliminates harmful food.

A juice regimen removes processed foods such as dairy, wheat, gluten, coffee and alcohol from the diet. For people sensitive to these foods, temporarily abstaining from these foods and then reintroducing these foods into the body can shed light on important, life-altering digestive problems.

It feeds our body super food.

When we consume a raw diet, we take in not only important vitamins and minerals, but also the phytonutrients that are powerhouses for the cleansing process. Juices contain nutrients that would be destroyed by cooking and that our bodies absolutely love.

It helps us to lose weight.

You will inevitably consume fewer calories and carbohydrates and less fat and sugar during a juice regimen. That means you'll lose weight IF you maintain a healthy diet after the cleanse (an unhealthy diet, of course, can quickly undo all the good the cleanse has done for your body). Some of the weight you will lose will be water weight, but some will also be fat. Juicing also helps curb appetite and food cravings, while providing the body with a more concentrated shot of energizing and supportive nutrients.

It keeps our cells healthy.

Switching to an organic, plant-based diet allows cells to work effectively to restore competent internal processes. The mitochondria are able to create energy without having to fight an abundance of free radicals and any obstacles to the proper functioning of the DNA will be reduced.



  • Using drugs to control blood pressure
  • Taking medication for diabetes
  • Being pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have recently had or will soon have surgery
  • Taking anticoagulants or antiplatelet medications
  • being young (children)



    Two days before and after your juice cure, we recommend a light, healthy diet to follow. Try only organic fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and try to avoid carbohydrates. Avoid processed foods, coffee, sugar, meat, alcohol. This prepares your body for detox mode. In addition, this will help to reduce headaches and cravings during cleansing. drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. We recommend to not to train, only light cardio.