Wie is Jessica ?

Wie is Jessica ?

Hi everyone! :) 

Although many of you know me by now as the face behind Munch,
I would like to tell you more. Curious? You can read it all in this blog post.

Always been a foodie

I've always been a food lover, in the literal sense of the word. But not in the way that many of you may think. A child who stubbornly persists in not eating vegetables? Yep, that was me. Healthy foods or vegetables and fruit were absolutely not my thing. Most of all, I (literally) put my head down on the table.
Save to say, I really hated vegetables.

The beginning of Munch

I have always been a fanatic sportsman. Exercising every day was therefore natural for me. One of my sporty hobbies back then was Thai boxing. The struggle was real. Since I wanted to participate in competitions, I had to lose five kilos.
For someone who absolutely did not like healthy foods, this seemed impossible
task. Still, I persevered. Funny fact, I was also a final year student at the time
Applied Linguistics. Although I secretly always felt that I did not immediately want to continue in that direction, I really liked studying.

The big question was: 'What the hell am I going to do next?'. Since I've always been a sporty spice and had a taste for food, it was between these two. And you guessed it, I chose food ;-).

It may sound strange to someone who absolutely does not love
healthy food, but thanks to experiments and creative solutions I always turned them into a delicious meal. And the result was real: those five kilos? In no time I was fit and healthy. Not to mention the new energy level I found.

Where sleeping used to be my favorite activity, I was now a barrel full of energy.
Of the magic little touch of a healthy lifestyle ;-).

That's how Munch was born. With one mission: to serve fruit and vegetables in one
nice way. No boring and dry meals. But real healthy food in a deliciously creative Munch jacket. Remember our famous avocado toast? Healthy & Real but with sufficient taste. (to be honest, I still can't eat dry lettuce).

From food bar to juices

Meanwhile, I got the great news that I was pregnant. And let's be real, it's a tough job. Although I still felt a huge passion for healthy foods, the combination of my food bar and small webshop demanded all my time and energy. So, I needed a solution.

Becoming a mother was a real childhood dream. And I take that role mega
serious. Being an absent mom is an absolute no-go for me. Creativity has always been one of my strengths and you guessed it: the full-time webshop was born. The success was real. Getting messages from you about the progress of your detox, that's what I do it for. I can say with certainty: I truly love my job ;-).

My life now

Where am I now? Well, I am not only the proud owner of my webshop, but I am also a proud and healthy mom of my son Noah. I therefore make no bones about the fact that I think Noah is great. Constantly complimenting? Yep, I'm that kind of mom.

What you might not have guessed is that I am a rather closed person
am. FOMO? Not really in my dictionary. I like a small circle and really value friends and family around me. I am also quite spiritually minded. I truly believe that there is more than just science. That's why I truly believe in the power of detoxing. Completely cleansing and detoxing your body from time to time is, in my opinion, an absolute must on your path to a healthy lifestyle. For me and many others life-changing!

Is there anything else you would like to know about me?
Lets connect and let me know!

Kiss and Love,


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