Are you still looking for a natural blend to support you during weight loss?
Then our teas are undoubtedly something for you!

Through my passion for tea, I quickly learned more about its various health benefits. After some lab experiments, Munch tea was officially born. Or an innovative blend full of natural ingredients.

Did you know that fennel and marigold also support your internal cleansing? Or that green tea (both matcha and pu erh tea) is an ideal weight loss aid?

All teas are carefully composed using only organic herbs, and no secrets here, our teas contain no trace of dangerous additives or laxative herbs. Only the best of the best or goodness in a cup!

  • Classic Detox 

Looking for a natural way to cleanse your body? Then our Classic Detox is perfect! The ingredients not only cleanse your body but also remove waste. 

Fun fact: Our classic detox contains chlorophyll, the inner cosmetic that gives you a glossy skin ;-). Marigold supports internal cleansing. Nettle, linden blossoms and goldenrod support the functioning of the kidneys. Tulsi has a soothing effect on the respiratory tract. Chicory is good for the functioning of the intestines.

  • Slimming Detox 

Would you like to lose some extra kilos? Then the Slimming Detox can give you a boost. The unique and biological composition gives your body a real boost. The PuErh tea (Camelia sinensis) assists during slimming, while the Hibiscus, blackberry and raspberry support the functioning of the kidneys.

Fun fact: The Slimming Detox contains high quality Pu Erh tea. Green tea is packed with antioxidants, hello glowing skin! But it also provides support during weight loss.


  •  Sleepy Detox 

Hello sleeping beauty! Our sleepy detox is perfect for relaxing after a long day. The cleansing and calming valerian, St. John's wort and lemon balm also provide a soothing feeling and can also be used for a healthy sleep.

Fun fact: Our Sleepy Detox contains valerian root, recognizable by its typical smell.
Valerian root has been used for centuries to wake up rested in the morning. So perfect to relax!

Are you looking for a complete cleaning cure? Then it is best to combine our 3 teas.
Preparation tip: Boil water at 85 ° C and let your tea steep for 5 to 6 minutes.



The wait is over! After long experiments, I can proudly present not one or two, but 4 varieties of Munch Matcha! Not just one, but the first in Belgium and the Netherlands with a taste.

Matcha also offers only health benefits and is easy to combine with your daily diet. Replace your coffee with a delicious matcha latte or add a spoon to your daily smoothie.

Good to know: The Munch matcha contains 100% matcha or matcha of the purest kind. Also, all our Matcha comes from Japan and 100% organic!

Let's take a look at the different types: 

  • Matcha ceremonial: My absolute favorite! Or matcha of the highest and best quality. I also call it my go-to for conscious me-time moments. No bitterness to be found!


  • Matcha premium: Are you looking for a healthy coffee substitute and can your immune system use a boost? Then our premium matcha is for you. The matcha green tea helps to strengthen your natural resistance. In addition, it is perfect to use in recipes. This matcha has a slightly bitter undertone. 
  • Strawberry Matcha: Does the taste of matcha scare you? Then we have good news. We have developed the Strawberry Matcha for all sweet tooths. All the health benefits of matcha, with a wonderfully soft strawberry taste! 
  • matcha cocoa: Crazy about chocolate? Then our cocoa matcha is just right for you. The hearty taste of cocoa gives your matcha latte a taste boost. And you enjoy all the benefits of matcha.