Munch T by Jessica

Why should you start Munch T ?

Munch T is a natural Detox blend that Ive put together to boost your weightloss. Even though losing weight can be hard, to keep your weight off is way more challenging. Ive put together 2 blends now: Munch T N1 to lose weight and Munch T N2 to keep your weight off. I like good quality and fresh products, there for I made my own blend so I know 100 % its good.

Munch T is a Detox tea which is the simplest way around you to help you to get you back on track and to feel good inside and out.

Your body absorbs everything that you go through. A little love for your body is therefore in place. So start with Munch T. This is a friendly reminder for 2 times a day (you can even re-infuse the herbs if you want). Drink the tea in peace and enjoy. Let it motivate you to eat healthy and drink enough of water.

Munch T supports your organs so you get less bloated, you will feel fitter, your skin will shine and so much more.

You can drink tea hot or cold!

Its 1 teaspoon for 750 ml

80•C for 3 min.

Sip you tea

To boost your results you can do a 3 day Detox juice cleanse by Munch. I make them myself with a cold pressed juicer so I know its fresh, good quality and yummy!

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