More about Munch: eating without cheating

Hi, I’m Jessica, pro veggie-vegan lifestyle by accident

I’ve been a sports lover my whole life and wanted to take it to the next level, so I needed to change my diet. One “small” thing… I absolutely did NOT like vegetables and fruits. Big challenge ahead of me, but I didn’t let that stop me and went on a huge research to get to know and appreciate fruit & veggie combinations that would work for me. Now, I can assure you that I’ve found some creative and delicious combinations that don’t taste so vegetable-ish :-). That’s how I started my new healthy lifestyle and this coming from someone with a long history of fast food deliveries. Sounds familiar ;)?

At this point, I had started my own full blown investigation and followed the latest science about how food affects our body. I came across superfoods. Food is considered a superfood when it contains more than 12 positive effects, which is hard to find in other foods nowadays. I can honestly say that a veggie-vegan lifestyle is not only for me but for everyone out there the best lifestyle: it made me feel better, stronger, more energetic and overall happier ever since!

Marlies from Eat Good Feel Good is my food coach, she checks our menu and shares her opinion so we can guarantee you a 100% valuable and healthy meal. I still have a lot of munchies, - well who doesn’t ?! So I planned one day in the week to have a “cheat meal”. I looked for healthy alternatives so I could have guiltfree munchies! That’s how I came up with Munch, everything we make and serve you is guilfree & delicious! No need to say no to yummy in your tummy anymore!

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